Largest Click Fraud Bust

Largest Click Fraud Bust

Big news recently as a US click fraud monitoring firm, Anchor Intelligence uncovered one of the largest ever click fraud rings originating from China.

According to Business Wire reports:

Anchor Intelligence has identified and eliminated over 200 click fraud rings involving at least five million distinct IP addresses with the help of its partners and clients. By identifying suspicious overlaps in audience segments and behaviors across its network, Anchor Intelligence uncovers new click fraud rings and applies its insights to its entire customer base. Fraudulent publishers are removed from a network’s system before ad fraud can impact advertisers.

The fraudsters known as “DormRing1” received its name as many of the perpetrators involved were students operating out of dormitories at Shanghai Technology Institute and other Chinese technical universities. Working in conjunction with one of its ad network customers, Anchor Intelligence tracked the operations of DormRing1 masterminds by gaining access to exclusive bulletin boards on various Chinese social networking sites. Anchor learned about the various tactics used by this fraud ring and was able to link many of the publisher sites to students living in dormitories on campus.

“Click fraud rings are active across the Internet and constantly evolving their tactics while trolling for vulnerable networks and advertisers,” concluded Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence.

Every buyer or seller of online advertising that uses the Anchor ClearMark system becomes an instant winner in the battle against bad actors. Rather than fighting the arms race against the fraudsters alone, Anchor customers have chosen to leverage the collective intelligence of our network to develop a super strong line of defense against these rings.

Anchor Intelligence also indicates that while DormRing1 was shut down, similarly architected rings have emerged out of India and parts of Southeast Asia.

This definitely poses a challenge to all internet marketers who use paid advertising on ad and content networks on social networking sites as search engines do not seem to have a better way of preventing such fraud on a mass scale. That is why it is important to:

  • Set up a structured Adwords campaign which allows you to geo-target your campaign to a specific region only or country and
  • Track the location of your clicks and irregular clicking behavior via Google Analytics.
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