Meet the Guy Who Draws the Funky Google Logos

Meet the Guy Who Draws the Funky Google Logos

Have you ever wondered who does all the drawings for the ever-changing Google doodles on their logo? See him in action in this video marketing promo for their Doodle 4 Google competition.

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  • SEO Pune
    Posted at 6:28 pm, March 10, 2008

    This is awesome …. not that Google needs to change its logo , but it would be nice to have something really cool up there.

  • Posted at 4:17 am, March 11, 2008

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this. Calmed my curiosity a bit, lol.

  • Posted at 6:51 am, March 11, 2008

    A talented guy he is. 🙂 he seems cool.

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