Microsoft Hopes Charity Push Will Spur IE Downloads

Microsoft Hopes Charity Push Will Spur IE Downloads

Microsoft is eager to get folks in the US to download the latest Internet Explorer 8 and are working hard at promoting awareness of the new browser. The software developers have proclaimed that for every download of windows Internet Explorer 8 of their ‘Better’ campaign website they will donate 8 meals to feeding struggling Americans and their families. Microsoft shows corporate social responsibility by actively accelerating an end to hunger in America. The company will donate $1.15 US dollars per complete download contributing a maximum of $1 million dollars.

The company is aiming at building public awareness and increasing active use of the browser. As of late, Microsoft has seen its browser market share fall. The once leading company which topped market share of 90 percent has seen declines with their competitor Mozilla Firefox gaining considerable ground. A report last month show Internet Explorer global market share at 65.5 percent, compared with 22.5 percent for Firefox, 8.4 percent for Safari and 1.8 percent for Goggle’s Chrome.

To promote the food donation campaign, the company staged events in San Francisco and New York this week. The below image show artists adding the finishing touch to the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, constructed from soup cans. On the day, Microsoft makers proclaimed that they will donate meals to a food bank for each download of Internet Explorer 8.

Soup Can Construction

This article reinforces the notion that website owners and developers should be aware of the popularity of different browsers. When making changes or building websites one should always test how a site configures and navigates in all popular browsers. As different browsers become more or less popular it is important to know how the public and searches are seeing and viewing your website.

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