Mission Australia: Giving Back

Mission Australia: Giving Back

At E-Web, we’re lucky. Lucky to be surrounded by loving friends. Lucky to be surrounded by people who care. Lucky to be surrounded by people who want to help.

At Mission Australia’s Charles Chambers Court, they are not so lucky.

Many of the people who’ve turned to Mission Australia for help have no family, no home, and no means. Most of them are elderly, and incapable of looking after themselves otherwise. But thanks to the generosity and kindness of Mission Australia, they have a comfortable bed and a warm meal. With over 70 beds, they provide the services required to keep many off the streets and in a safer environment. They have a dedicated and caring team who look after them every day. They finally have a home – some stability and permanence in their lives.

So this Christmas, E-Webbers decided to give back to the community some of the positivity and joy that we seem to constantly be surrounded by. We joined them early on Saturday morning, bringing cookies, cakes and huge smiles to serve early morning tea to the elderly and less fortunate.

It was inspiring to look around the room and see every single E-Webber talking to somebody, sharing a joke, and listening to their remarkable life stories. Many of them had so much to share, and finally somebody to listen.

There were many people sitting in the cafeteria that day, waiting to tell somebody about all they had seen and experienced. I spent my time with a man named John. He’s 73. Once upon a time he was a carpenter. He regaled me with stories of what it was like to be in the Australian work force back then, working for $5 per day due to a lack of opportunity. He told me that it was “take it or leave it”. Sadly though, he badly injured his shoulder and was forced to start working in factory production lines. He’s a good man, with a sense of humour and a big smile.

The more I listened to him, the more I was thankful that he had a roof over his head and someone to look after him.

Many may not have heard of Mission Australia or the work they do on a daily basis. But they should. They depend on the generosity of Australians to look after those who can’t do so themselves. They depend on the generosity of Australians to provide a home for those who need it. We, who take all of these bare essentials for granted, should constantly do our utmost to assist organisations like Mission Australia.

They make people’s lives better.

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