Mobile Advertising Set to Skyrocket

Mobile Advertising Set to Skyrocket

Mobile advertising is the way of the future, according to recent reports from US research companies Pew and ABI. With increasing numbers of consumers turning to mobile devices capable of full wireless connectivity, and mobile networks and web browsers becoming progressively more refined, industry analysts are predicting that a boom in mobile advertising is not far off.

Studies conducted in May and June this year indicate that advertiser spend on mobile device marketing will increase fourfold over the next five years. Currently, 40% of American consumers use Internet-capable mobile devices, and advertisers invest $313 million USD annually in campaigns targeted to mobile markets.

Both the sophistication and use of mobile smartphones and tablets has proliferated in recent years, and shows no signs of slowing. The release of Apple’s hotly anticipated iPad, and competitor tablet devices such as the HP Slate and the Dell Streak, marks a paradigm shift in how wireless mobile devices are marketed and consumed.

While wireless music and video games are nothing new, content such as films and television series is now proliferating in the mobile space. Forms of media once traditionally confined to the home or office are now available to people on the go, and advertisers are set to capitalise on a market in perpetual motion.

Advances in mobile technology and online usability also permit advertising on a more interactive and personalised level than was previously possible. Speedier networks allow for users to engage in real-time multi-player apps and games, while more powerful devices are capable of supporting Flash and other rich media advertisements.

And of course, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are evolving to capture mobile audiences. These lucrative demographics can only widen as smartphones become more affordable and readily available.

The challenge to advertisers now is to keep up with rapidly moving markets that are anything but house-bound and static.

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