Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta – Woot!

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta – Woot!

As a designer and SEO, I love Firefox. I can assure you that anyone who makes the switch to it will love it too. It’s just BETTER than other web browsers on so many levels, not the least of which is it’s ability to render xhtml and css by the book instead of interpreting the code by its own set of rules and placing things all over the place unless your poor designer spends considerable time adding specific extra coding into your page to accommodate the flaws and trick the browser into doing things properly. (A bit of a rant on behalf of all designers).

Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, have recently launched the first beta release of its next-generation Firefox 3 browser, highlighting better security, ease of use, and personalisation features. One thing tat existing Firefox users should take note of is that the beta is having trouble with quite a few plugins and add-ons that you probably have installed on your current browser so beware of this before trying it out.

“With this first beta, you’ll get a taste of what’s coming in Firefox 3, but there’s still more to come, and much of what you’ll see is still a bit rough around the edges.” Mozilla said in its release notes.

Why am I reporting this on our SEO blog you may ask? Well for those who really care about the success of their website and want a quick and easy way to keep an eye on it’s progress, check up on competition and more, Firefox is pure gold. With its wealth of plugins and add-ons from the open source community you can build your browser into a powerful tool for browsing, searching, developing, monitoring and planning. I will put together an article outlining some of the best plugins available in the next couple of months however for now if you would like to download the current version and start exploring and enjoying the benefits you can grab version 2 here.

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  • Posted at 3:44 am, November 11, 2008

    I am using firefox 3 but i found some errors in this version, i am using google toolbar in firefox 3 but its not working properly and also this version is slower then old version. But Its good in look and also there are some great features and i hope they will remove all bugs in final version

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