Mr Culture & Mrs Strategy: The Perfect Couple

Mr Culture & Mrs Strategy: The Perfect Couple

It’s a dog-eat-dog business world out there. Every morning billions of people go to work and try to help their company out-grow, out-manoeuvre and out-position their competitors. It’s a daily struggle that managers, executives and CEOs taken upon themselves – leading a team to the Promised Land.

But what’s the best way to get there? Recently, there has been more and more discussion about which is more important: culture or strategy. The final showdown of a tactician’s heavyweights. But what if they didn’t need to fight all the time? What if they were the next Brangelina? Perhaps it’s simply a Cultegy in the making. Or Strature if you prefer …


A good strategy is impossible to go past. It provides direction, unifies everyone on a common path to a shared goal. It allows for research into the external environment – what competitors are up to, how the business market is performing, any upcoming industry trends. Establishing competitive advantage doesn’t happen overnight. Strategy is the plan for success. With a poor strategy, your goal of world domination is unlikely to eventuate.


A good culture is what most companies strive for – and dream about – but usually fail at achieving. The Zappos of the world are few and far between. They’re special because they’ve created an office environment that breeds creativity, encourages personality and individuality, while still promoting the importance of financial success. Happiness in the workplace is the carrot dangled in front of everyone who steps in the door to these companies. Appreciation, growth and the true joy that comes from enjoying your work. It’s the triple-threat combo that provides the ultimate motivation. Every employee is determined to make the business succeed at all costs because they understand that if it does, their happiness will skyrocket in tandem to their bottom line.

The Marriage

Cultegy – or Strature – as we’ve decided to rename them, are both critical. But individually they’re only half the equation to victory. Their union is what provides the spark to mould a business into a titan. To successfully arrive in the Promised Land, every leader must find a way to forge the two internally. It will provide all employees with a mutual vision,  a united determination and an internal support network that competitors will find extremely difficult to replicate.

The age-old saying “All roads lead to Rome” is usually right, but some roads turn out to be more of a perennial quest. A fantastic culture may lead to greatness in the business world, but by itself it could potentially take longer than a solid strategy. The same rings true in reverse. By far the quickest way to Rome – and success – is by combining the two. Or a plane. They’re pretty fast too.


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