New Description Snippets in Google Search Results

New Description Snippets in Google Search Results

Early last week Google was testing yet another way to display search results, experimenting with how it shows snippets of a web page’s content. You may have noticed that the description snippets for some search results being formatted as bullet points, and been curious as to why. Well, just a few days ago, Google finally announced that these new snippet formats will now appear whenever a page is structured within a list, table or bulleted list. 

Google reports that the new snippet format is being rolled out globally right now. So now instead of seeing only traditional meta description in the SERPs, you will now see a lot more of the following format:

Above you can see that it display’s three relevant items within a list and with it the number of rows or items listed on the page (shown by the 30+ items). Those not familiar with HTML or the structure of a web page can see below:

From this you can clearly see that the items do not need to be in any particular order, only those Google deems relevant. Within the code you can see the structure is within a HTML table, with each table row counted as an item.

This latest development is typical of Google consistently seeking to improve the experience of its users, by looking for new and better ways to show more relevant results for searches. It also indicates that Google’s web crawlers are becoming more intelligent in identifying patterns within a web page and picking it apart the structure to display certain results back to users, which is good news for webmasters who have well-structured pages of quality content on their sites.

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