New Geo-Targeting Features on Yahoo! SM

New Geo-Targeting Features on Yahoo! SM

When someone says “geo-targeting”, we think of targeting a region and having your product/service being advertised for the searches in that area only. In turn, limiting your focus area to fewer clicks to more qualified users. But Yahoo! Search Marketing has implemented a new feature that will bring more traffic to your site.

Previously when you wanted to target United States, you had to either select the entire market – both the U.S. and Canada – or individually select each of the 50 states. Now you have the ability to pinpoint your market!

… some advertisers need even more focus, especially in more populous regions. Yahoo! now lets you zoom in on targeted cities and, in a beta feature, ZIP codes as well.

Yahoo! SM Geo-Targeting

… you can use the pulldown to select your target area by Entire Market, Country, State/Province, DMA , City or ZIP code. A map will provide a visual of the areas you are selecting.

To narrow your scope further, try our ZIP code feature, currently in beta. First, select ZIP/Postal Code from the pulldown. From here you may type in the ZIP codes of the areas you want to serve, and use the Search button to confirm where the ZIP codes you’ve selected are located. You can also use the dynamic map to zoom in and out and find more ZIP codes within your area if you don’t know them all offhand.

This feature has been long needed and I would imagine many PPC managers will be happy with the addition. More info can be found here.

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