New Google AdWords Feature – Contact Form Extensions

New Google AdWords Feature – Contact Form Extensions

Google has released a new type of Ad extension in the form of a contact form. This feature is still fairly new and is only available to certain advertisers in the US to try.

Basically, with this extension activated your PPC ad will have a plus sign next to a call to action. After the user clicks on the plus sign, a drop down of your contact form to be submitted will appear within the search results.  This is only available if your ad appears in the top position and the leads are priced at the maximum cost per click bid.

So how are the leads collected? Google will be collecting the phone number and name from the contact form.  You will then receive an email from Google with the lead ID and information requested by the user. The catch is, you can’t contact the user directly, you have to call a special Google phone number and provide them with the lead ID.

This has the potential to really benefit some advertisers as one whole step in the conversion process is skipped. The searcher doesn’t need to click and go through the landing page to leave their contact details, which in effect, shortens the conversion process and could lead to an increase in conversion rates.

On the other hand, there will also be those that will be reluctant to leave their contact details without knowing more about the company, service or product. If this is the case, the contact form may not make a difference for the advertiser at all.

Check out the full article at PPC HERO

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