New Google Display Features

New Google Display Features

Google have announced a few new tools and features for the Google AdWords Display Network. These features will allow you to further track, measure, and review different aspects of your PPC data, enabling you to make informed decisions on how to better run your campaign.

Relative Click Through Rate (CTR)

A relative CTR will show how your ads perform compared to other ads running in the same place within the Display Network.

Seeing the Relative CTR data is valuable as you can benchmark your CTR against competitors’ ads, providing you with an understanding of your own ad’s success rate in your specific industry.

For example: Your ad may have a CTR of 5%, which you consider quite high. However the relative CTR against your competitors tells you the average CTR for your industry is 10%. This means your ads are only getting half of the average CTR compared to competing ads.

Impression Share

Your overall Impression Share shows you the percentage of times your ads were shown out of the total available impressions for which your ads were eligible to appear on the Display Network.

For example, if your budget is $1000 but you are only getting 10% impression share, then this will give you an indication of how much you will need to increase your budget by to be closer to 100% impression share.

Content Ads Diagnostic Tool (CADT)

A speech bubble will appear next to the ad URL, giving you a pop-up box telling you valuable information about why your ads may not be showing. This is shown below:




You now have Google’s helping hand of recommendations and changes you can make to your ads to ensure they are appearing. This takes away a large element of research and guesswork when trying to increase the exposure of your ads.

Note: CADT is currently being released to selected advertisers, and will launch a full release to all AdWords advertisers in early July.

Unseen Impression Filter

The Unseen Impression Filter ensures that you are not being charged for ads that may not be showing to potential users (for example, ads below the fold that may not get scrolled down to). This feature is automatically enabled for advertisers running their campaign on the cost per thousand impressions (rather than clicks).

For example: Your ad is displayed at the bottom right of the website, which would be seen as “below the fold” as users would have to scroll down in order to see your ad. If the unseen impression filter deems that it is unlikely that the user will scroll to the bottom of the page and see your ad, then you will not be charged.

In Summary:

These new features are great to further improve your Display Ads, offering greater insight and understanding of how you can refine your ads for certain specifications or data.

To read more on these features, check out the AdWords blogspot or explore the new tools in your AdWords interface. Can you see improvements in your campaign from using these new features?

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