New Insights with Google’s Analyse Competition Feature

New Insights with Google’s Analyse Competition Feature

Google Adwords has always provided a wealth of information to advertisers, however until now advertisers have been unable to directly compare their performance against that of their competitors. Now all this is changing with Google introducing the ‘analyse competition‘ feature .

This feature looks at your Adwords account activity over a period of 14 days. By matching keywords, landing page text and ad text against Google search terms, a list of categories is generated which correspond to the products and services you are currently advertising. With each of these categories the user is now able to directly compare their performance with the average performance of all other users within that category.

Performance can be judged in terms of clicks, click through rate, impressions and average position. Comparisons can even be made based on geographical location. The competitive range feature also gives the user additional information, such as the mean and median performance levels, absolute best and worst performers and the exact size of the category.

Using this information it will now be possible for advertisers to make better informed decisions about how to optimise campaigns based on the strategies other advertisers are using to get results. The ‘explore ideas’ button even gives the advertiser suggestions by generating customised bidding, keyword and budget ideas for your campaigns.

Some important things to note about this new feature:

  • The competitor analysis is based on anonymous data so it is not possible to make comparisons between specific advertisers.
  • Only data from the Google Search and the Search Network is currently available for competitor analysis.
  • The data is refreshed once a week and the time range being used is stated above the table.

For more information on this new feature I recommend having a look at this short video.

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