Introducing New Search Engine Blekko

Introducing New Search Engine Blekko

Do you ever wonder why some search results on Google seem to be irrelevant or even spammy looking?

Google has always faced the problem of filtering out websites that have been created for the sole purpose of ranking and driving traffic. These websites are classified as spam because they do not offer any real value to web community.

On November 1 2010, a new company from the US launched a search engine call Blekko, aimed at providing more qualified search results than Google. Their search results are sorted from a pool of 3 billion trusted websites. Because a website must be “trusted” before it has the chance to be indexed, Blekko results exclude material from spam advertising sites, content farm sites, and other dodgy sources.

Here are the benefits of the search engine in a nutshell:

  • Provides useful search results without long convoluted website URLs. The use of what Blekko calls “slashtags” will restrict the search results by matching the specified search term with the most relevant search result.
  • Search results in popular categories such as finance, health and cars will be prequalified by Blekko editors, who use a Wikipedia-style monitoring to exclude spam pages and deliver results from professionals. Websites targeting competitive terms like “SEO” will not be returned in search results if they are linked to by a high number of irrelevant advertising spam and content farming sites.
  • Personal health related search results will be limited to 76 sites that Blekko editors have determined to be web-worthy. Interestingly, this excludes many sites that rank highly in Google.
  • Additional tools built in to Blekko allow users to see the IP address from which a website is operating, and allow the user to label it as spam.

Does less really mean more? What do you think about the latest search engine, Blekko? Let me know your thoughts.

More guides to some cool Blekko features coming up so watch this space …

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