New Search Engine Tool Puts The Heat on Facebook Privacy Settings

New Search Engine Tool Puts The Heat on Facebook Privacy Settings

A new search engine known as ‘Openbook’ has come about on the World Wide Web, collecting data from Facebook users which have been made public. It collates Facebook information, focusing on status updates, and allows it to be searchable on the Openbook site.

Users of this new search tool can type in a certain keyword or phrase, such as “hate my boss” in the ‘Search Facebook Updates’ field, and a list of results for all those Facebook users who had updated their statuses with that phrase will be generated in what seems like a never ending list…WOW!

As with many of the recent changes to Facebook privacy settings, the newest updates have made it very confusing and also very complicated for users to determine what is private and what is not to the online public. Many users also agree that the privacy rules are changing too often on Facebook, and reading all the fine print becomes annoying and time-consuming.

If you are worried about your privacy settings with your Facebook account, you can use the tool which shows you what is public about your profile and shows you how to secure your privacy settings easily.

On the Openbook website, the investors claim the whole site is a “parody” with no relationship to Facebook, but their main goal from this website is to “get Facebook to restore the privacy of this information, so that this website and others like it will no longer work.”

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