Nielsen and Facebook: Advertising Effectiveness Study

Nielsen and Facebook: Advertising Effectiveness Study

A recent advertising effectiveness study released by Nielsen and Facebook outline a positive relationship between earned brand awareness (naturally earned traffic) and paid media (such as sponsored Ads on Facebook). The study found that both paid and earned media can’t be planned separately just like Google Adwords and organic traffic (through SEO).

When developing the strategy, marketers and agencies should consider:

• How will the paid media investment drive earned media volume?
• Who will be seeing the paid ad (target audience)?
• What’s the pass-along factor? What will motivate consumers to share it?
• How will they ensure that their main message remains a part of the conversation?
• What does the organic impression look like?
• What are the goals of the campaign?
• What are other ways we can measure the effect of paid and earned media across
multiple platforms beyond Facebook?

These are some very important questions to have answered before you start any online marketing or social media campaign. Most businesses fail to plan and hence tend to be shooting in the dark with results being ‘hit and miss’.

Marketers and agencies cannot continue to plan paid and earned media separately. We’ve seen
campaigns that have driven high traffic volume to social experiences, only to have the
communication stop there. On the flip side, there are wonderful social experiences out there that have little traffic because there has been no paid media support.

In order to effectively utilise marketing through social media, the communication needs to continue beyond just driving traffic to the website E.g. Facebook and Twitter icons on your website.

There is a myth that traffic helps with rankings. Although we don’t know exactly what Google’s ranking factors are, based on our experience, it has nothing to do with traffic. Engaging in social media has nothing to do with SEO, in fact it is another avenue to engage and grow that customer base who end up on your website having found you through high rankings for specific search terms. There are essentially 2 parts to the equation: driving traffic to the website and engaging users through continued interaction resulting in long term customers.

For those already using both paid and organic media strategies, do you think it is more effective for your online marketing campaign?

For full details on the article, read the 360i report.

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