Obama's Army

U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic electoral win can, in many ways, be attributed to his use of social media marketing and the influence these tools had in converting online friends into votes. US President Barack Obama was able to successfuly leverage social media marketing tools to remain relevant and convey his message to the American people. Now, the US President enters the White House with a legion of 13 million advocates at his fingertips.

According to the NY times“All the Obama supporters who traded their personal information for a ticket to a rally…or opted in on Facebook or MyBarackObama, can now be mass e-mailed at a cost close to zero. Instead of the constant polling that has been a motor of presidential governance, an Obama White House can use the web to measure voter attitudes.”

Through the power of social media marketing, the White House can now harness their 13 million strong database to continue Obama’s message throughout his term. Essentially, this database can now be harnessed to promote Obama’s legislative initiatives, engage supporters to campaign for like-minded candidates and essentially lead to his re-election in four years time.

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