The One Link to Higher Rankings

The One Link to Higher Rankings

One of the best things you can do to improve the rankings of your web site as well as get some extra traffic, absolutely free! is to get your site listed in the world’s largest human edited open source directory “DMOZ”. The name DMOZ is derived from the former name “Directory Mozilla” and it is a very powerful SEO tool indeed.
A singular link from this directory could be the difference between first and second page for your website.

Why is a link in this directory so important?
It will improve you rankings in the world’s biggest search engine Google. Google loves DMOZ. The Google directory itself is made up of listings from DMOZ. Google sees a listing in the directory as so important that it uses a sites DMOZ title and description as an alternate source for a sites title and Meta descriptions for use in the search engine results.

The process from start to finish getting accepted into the DMOZ directory can take up to 12 months to be completed. It has been said by DMOZ editors themselves that one thing that will slow or possibly even completely void your submission from being put into the directory is for people to continually resubmit their site. Seeing as it does take such a long time, it can often be hard to tell if your site has been completely rejected from being submitted or if it is simply still in the queue for revision.
The best thing you can do to avoid this happening to you, is to simply make sure that your initial submission is done correctly.

The two most important thing to consider when submitting to DMOZ is to one make sure your site is in the most relevant category possibly. You should always start with your geographical region and work your way down from there. Also it is a safe bet that if all your competitors are listed in a specific section that you will also get approved if applying to this same category.
Use the search function to try and find your nearest competitors category.
The second most important thing to ensure your submission is approved is the title and description of your listing.
Below is a link to an article on the DMOZ blog written by one of the staff on how to effectively write a title and description:

What Makes a Good DMOZ Title and Description?

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