Online Advertising in Australia Will Hit $2 Billion

Online Advertising in Australia Will Hit $2 Billion

Great news for the Australian online advertising industry. According to latest report from IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure, they have forcasted that in the next 12 months, the online advertising expenditure will hit the $2 Billion mark.
From the December 2008 IAB report, they found there was a strong growth in the online advertising expenditure especially in the Search and Directories segment which increased by 27% from 2007.

Expenditure of the Total Online Advertising Market

 Search & Directories Advertising Expenditure

This clearly shows that marketers and businesses are accepting online advertising. This is great evidence that the confidence in the online sectore has massively grown.

“The figures clearly show that online is now seen by a growing number of marketers and agencies as a ‘core’ advertising medium, and they are continuing to shift their investment where they can more cost effectively reach and engage their consumers with their brand and direct response messages,” IAB Australia chief executive Paul Fisher says.

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