Online Business Mastery Melbourne 2012

Online Business Mastery Melbourne 2012

E-Web Marketing has just completed our first public seminar! Held on Saturday 21st July in Melbourne, it was an awesome day of learning for everyone involved. We look forward to making our Sydney event, upcoming on this Saturday 28th July, even more of a success.

If you’re considering coming to our Sydney seminar and are curious about what to expect, here’s a quick recap of how things went down in Melbourne …

Nice and Early

Getting ready to take a class full of business owners from little knowledge about Internet marketing into online business masters! Despite the early hour, even the chilly Melbourne weather can’t dull our excitement for this opportunity to help others grow their businesses through online channels. Everyone is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and pumped to get our very first public seminar happening!


We’re holding the seminar at Karstens Melbourne, a lovely venue. Printed brochures? Check! Registration papers? Check! Pens, refreshments and recording materials? Check! Our guests begin to enter the networking and registration room to enjoy coffee, cookies and good company.

Getting Started with Jeff Yang

We open the flood gates to the seminar room and it fills up quickly. Energy levels seem a little low, but since it’s so early on a Saturday morning, that’s to be expected. We combat our guests’ early-morning brain fuzz with some pumping music and interactive warm-up activities. When everyone is in a more energetic zone, our Director of Education Jeff Yang begins his presentation about Search Engine Optimisation, the “New School of SEO”.

In this presentation, our attendees learn the essentials of SEO and how they apply to businesses. Subjects include the effects of the most recent Google Panda and Penguin updates, the importance of social media for rankings, and much more. Only a small number of guests have arrived with a solid understanding of SEO, meaning there is a lot of learning going on and a lot of involvement from members of the audience asking questions. By the time Jeff wraps, we can all see the raised level of confidence in all of our attendees’ eyes. Everyone is one step closer to becoming online business masters!

Understanding the Basics with Matthew Forzan

After a short break, our Director of Search Engine Optimisation Matthew Forzan steps up to present “SEO Foundations”. Matthew made his first website at the age of 12 and has been involved in SEO for ten years, so he is able to offer our guests a wealth of experience and insights. Attendees respond to Matthew’s SEO workshop with very positive feedback, overall finding it full of easy steps which can be implemented this same day. The live website review is especially useful to help everyone bring all the information together in a practical example. As we break for lunch, everyone leaves the room exalted with their newfound knowledge.

Killers Campaigns with Roberto Boschiroli

Next on the agenda is “4 Killer Strategies to Run a Successful PPC Campaign”, delivered by our Head of Paid Search, Roberto Boschiroli . Guests are educated on some essential strategies for maximising the profits from a Google AdWords campaign through keyword research, campaign optimisation, campaign performance and taking advantage of innovative new features such as remarketing. The presentation ends with attendees knowing  how to optimise every PPC dollar spent, ensuring a higher ROI from their PPC campaigns.

Being inspired by Wai Hong

Our guest speaker Wai Hong from OzHut takes the stage. A very successful online business owner, Wai tells his story of how he went from a bank account of almost zero dollars to a multi-millionaire in 3 years. He talks about the strategies, struggles and wins he has experienced from being an entrepreneur, covering topics such as the fear of making mistakes and how to take opportunities by the hand and run with them, which have lead to the success he has earned today.

Increasing online sales with Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng

Now it’s my turn! I introduce myself as the Head of Turning Visitors into Clients Online, and ask my audience if they enjoy cold calling. Nearly everyone replies “No!” That’s unsurprising – who wouldn’t rather use their valuable time to work on other aspects of their businesses? So in my Conversion Rate Optimisation workshop, “How to Get More Clients Without Cold Calling”, I introduce three questions which every online visitor will subconciously ask when they enter any webiste. I teach our guests how  to answer these questions and how to do it well – because being able to answer these questions well will make any website into the ultimate sales machine.

End of the day

4.30 already? We’re stunned to realise how fast the day has gone by! We guide our guests back into the networking area to cement their newly-formed relationships over more refreshments, satisfied that all our hard work has paid off, and we have successfully given confidence to a group of online business rookies. We wish them well on their journey to become online business masters, helping them even further along their journeys by giving everyone who attended a booklet full of ideas and strategies which they are able to start implementing as soon as they get home.

Next up, Sydney! For those who have registered, we look forward to seeing you there. If you haven’t registered it’s still not too late, just visit our information page at to sign up, or you can call us on (02) 9438 5633 if you have any questions. We hope we get to meet you soon! 🙂

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