Online Marketing and Social Networking Goes Hand in Hand!

Online Marketing and Social Networking Goes Hand in Hand!

One reason why I love online marketing is that the tools, techniques and content are constantly evolving. Online marketing is more of an art rather than a science, and your visitors and customers reward this creativity by responding to your online efforts. But as you all know, the web moves very quickly, once you get your head around that blogging thing, along comes something else, podcasting and twitter. However if you’re browsing the web and reading new articles you can be the first in your industry to try something new. By being proactive and willing to try something new you communicate to your buyers through edgy and forward thinking tools.

“Some of the very first blogs are still the most popular in their niches; the authors are rewarded for their foresight with popularity”

David Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Although social media is not currently viewed by many as a form of advertising, it can still be used as a portal to lead people into your buying process. For example Volkswagen links to their auto makers sites and other related purchasing sites. Online marketing and social networking can support each others function and go hand in hand.

Here are some of Davis Scott’s ideas on how to get the most out of using networking sites for marketing:

  • Be a thought leader: Provide valuable and interesting information that people want to check out. It is better to show your expertise in a market to a buyer’s problem than to blather on about your products.
  • Encourage people to contact you: Make it easy for people to reach you online, and be sure to follow up personally on all your fan mail.
  • Participate: Create groups and participate in online discussion. Become an online leader and organiser.
  • Make it easy for others to find you: Tag your page and add your page into the subject directories. Encourage others to bookmark your page with delicious and DIGG.
  • Experiment: These sites are great because you can try new things. If it isn’t working, tweak it or try something new. There is no such thing as an expert in social networking, were all learning as we go!
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