Online Metrics Are a Must

Online Metrics Are a Must

There is a old saying that goes something like “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”*, which has been used in business for a long time. It still amazes me when dealing with online marketing matters, people are happy to be ignorant in the results.

Obtaining the metrics of your success is one thing, but prior to that you need to determine exactly what you want your online marketing campaign to achieve, so you can accurately measure it.

Ask yourself: what do I want from online marketing? Regardless of what your business is, you will want a specific outcome for when a visitor lands on your site. Can you measure that?

On a more basic level, can you measure the number of people that are coming to your site? That is the simplest metric, yet one that many websites don’t even measure. How can you be aware of your online marketing success if you don’t establish a base level?

There are many tools out there to measure the success of a website, and the free package we normally recommend is Google Analytics. I won’t go into the detail of what this can do for you- check out this link for a more detailed overview.

Once you have a basic measuring package in place, you can start to think about how the reported numbers are reflected on your site and its usage. Do you have a large amount of information on certain pages? You would assume they have people spending more time on there. Is another page full of links? Examine the number of people exiting from that page.

There are enough metrics to drive anyone insane, which is why we normally recommend people use a reputable online marketing company to help you make the most out of your hard earned data.

* If anyone knows who originally said this, leave a comment with the answer!

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