Online Reputation Management

Manage your online reputation through our innovative new platform

Gone are the days where businesses could get away with shaping their reputation solely through advertising and word of mouth. Consumers are increasingly in a position of power and can provide real-time, public feedback on review sites, social media forums and other channels. They also seek proof from independent sources, such as Facebook and Yelp, before purchasing a product or engaging with a service.


Research shows that more than 88% of customers have been influenced by an online review before making a purchase and most people hesitate to engage with a business that has negative feedback. At E-Web Marketing, we are aware of the significant importance of online reputation and have developed our own online reputation management suite — a log-in platform that allows you to monitor and improve your online brand.

Our Software Platform


E-Web Marketing has invested in a software platform that allows you, as a business owner or marketer, to both monitor and improve your reputation online.


You can log in to a management system that gives you a view about how you are currently positioned and gives you tools and strategies to improve.

Understand the sentiment about your brand

Our software crawls the web and a large number of well-known review websites and platforms to identify the current sentiment around your brand, aggregating this and presenting you with a high level overview.


Using this you can understand how your customer base honestly feels about your brand and position yourself to receive both valuable feedback from your customers as well as improving their sentiment towards you.

Improve your reputation online


Our software allows you to draft and send out communications to your customer base requesting that they review your business. Should the review be negative, the software allows for you to privately receive the feedback without the review going public.


However, if the review is positive it then prompts the user to continue on and add that review to publicly accessible platforms like Google Business listings.

Own how people speak and think about you online

It can seem scary as a business knowing that your consumers have so much power to communicate with each other about the services or products that you offer and dramatically change each other’s opinions; even before they’ve directly interacted with your brand they can lose all faith in your offering.


However, this also presents a great opportunity for businesses who are willing to learn the game of online reputation and use it to their advantage; simultaneously improving their offering and the sentiment of customers towards them. 


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