Online Revenue Growth Calculator

There is value in optimizing your website. How much value? Depending on your desired outcomes, the Calculator is designed to estimate the return on investment. Plug in the numbers and see how it changes the present and future value of your business.

Current site Behavior

Unique Sessions (per month)

Number of conversions (per month)

Average sale value


Current Performance

Conversion rate:


Revenue per session:


Total revenue


After Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) efforts

Reduction in Bounce rate

Improve user experience on Home page

Increased user experience of the customer journey

Increased clarity of your websites value proposition

Reduced shopping cart/sign up flow abandoment

Improved average conversion rate (per month)


Improved conversions (per month)

Improved revenue per visitor


Improved total revenue (per month)



Increase in Monthly Revenue


Increase in number of conversions


* Examples of conversions: orders, signups, opt-ins
** Typical lifts expected from good conversion improvements, but will vary (you can change them)