Online Shopper Revelation: Bigger Spenders than Offline Shoppers

Online Shopper Revelation: Bigger Spenders than Offline Shoppers

According to a study from Compete, active online consumers tend to have and spend more than other shopper groups. According to the study, this group intends on spending twice as much ($912 on average) over the holidays.

“Many retailers are bracing for lower online sales, but our research shows that not all shoppers are created equal,” said Debra Miller, associate, Retail and Consumers Products at Compete. “While most consumers say they’ll spend less this year, online shoppers seem to have deeper pockets and they’ll be looking for deals starting on Black Friday. Smart retailers should take a much closer look at online shopping segments relevant to them to capture a larger share of wallet among online consumers.”

Here is a summary of other findings from the Compete report:

  • 42 percent of consumers reported that they are likely or extremely likely to select an “in store pick up” option if available for holiday purchases.
  • 86 percent of shoppers have completed less than half of their total holiday shopping; 41 percent have not yet begun.
  • 90 percent of consumers will spend at least some portion of their holiday budget online this year, up from 84 percent in 2008.
  • 44 percent of consumers plan to spend less this holiday season compared to last year, while only 12 percent of shoppers anticipate spending more.

Our recommendations:

  • Consumers will be looking to spend big over Christmas (for some industries), so by increasing your Adwords campaign you will be able to capitalise on this opportunity.
  • Use the Google Insights tool to determine if there are any seasonal trends in certain keywords that you are targeting and use the best performing keywords in your Adwords campaign.
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