Oscars Recap

Relax- E-Web Marketing’s blog hasn’t been infected by the small golden men, and gone gossip mag on you! Rather we are going to have a look at a couple of the online aspects of the Oscars this year.

There was a media firestorm that spread before the Oscars claiming to have a ‘final list’ of the winners of each award. This document had official looking seals, letter heads and the signature of the Academy’s president, Sid Ganis. Within seconds this document was spread around the blogopshere, even taken up by major news outlets.

As the results unfolded, it was shown that this document was incorrect, and they missed the mark with a number of the winners. After the document was leaked, the Academy released a statement saying that the report was “complete fraud”, and did everything they could to quell the rumours.

A quick search reveals over 1,800,000 results for ‘leaked Oscar results’, and even celebrities are taking notice: Ashton Kutcher said he used the list to make wagers on the results. Occurrences like this highlight the importance of being on top of your reputation in the online world- misinformation can be spread quickly, so having a strong online presence is important.

On a lighter note, this year’s awards ceremony featured an increasing number of celebrities updating fans via Twitter. Although the quality of the updates varied from celebrity to celebrity (and at the stage of the evening: by the end the number of incoherent posts/posts complaining about being tired increased) it is an example of online marketing at its finest. Celebrities get to talk about whatever they want, post photos and generally give the average person an insight into their night.

This is a stark contrast to the saccharine photos that appear in the gossip magazines, where celebrities are shown at their finest. To highlight how fake this is, celebrities often take training to know the best angles to be shot at, and how to stand to give the right body language for the photos. Twitter is a dirty, intimate and unedited look into what celebrities are like at the after parties.

To slake your thirst for celebrity twittering (ever wanted to know what goes on in the mind of Miley Cyrus? Me neither! I’m assuming it’s just a whole bunch of echoes), and see what they are up to, check out www.celebritytweet.com .

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