PageRank Update – again!

PageRank Update – again!

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For those who pay attention, many have noticed that Google’s PageRank has once again updated with changes being seen across the web. It seems to have happened at the end of last month as I can’t seem to find any pages on my own sites being effected that were created in November. Most of the web properties that I own have either gone up or remained the same, suggesting that the update was quite dramatic.

It was only about a month ago that Google changed their lookup URL which left webmasters stressing for hours wondering what happened to their PageRank.

This is the 4th PageRank update for 2011 with the first being seen in June, the second late June/early July, the 3rd in August and the 4th today. Google still claims that PR is no longer heavily weighted in the ranking algorithm, however it remains an important metric to monitor in the world of SEO.

What changes have you noticed? PR? Rankings? Let me know!

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