Pepsi Engage Social Media Marketing

Pepsi Engage Social Media Marketing

Pepsi are the latest big brand name to engage in viral/social online marketing. Instead of creating the usual channels in the likes of Facebook and MySpace, Pepsi have gone a step further and created a social portal of their very own.

The creation of this portal is still in beta testing, but can be found at

This move is most likely to engage the crucial demographic of cola drinkers between the age of 16-30 years old, but states openly on the first page that it’s intended for 18+. Pepsi have longed for the ability to be part of this demographic, whether it be for an impulse social purchase or that of using pepsi as a mixed beverage with alcohol.

Expect to see more big brands such as Pepsi to create social media portals in the coming year as people catch on to the fact that these methods of demographic interaction engage customers on a social level to influence external purchases.

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  • Posted at 12:17 pm, January 30, 2008

    Hi Guys
    I’m responsible for the digital strategy for Pepsi, and the Maxed community is built specifically for drinkers of Pepsi Max (guys are in their mid twenties), which has a much older demographic than Pepsi main brand.

  • Posted at 1:03 pm, January 30, 2008

    Hi Katie,
    It’s excellent to see you monitoring your clients brand online.
    Thanks very much for the clarification.

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