Phone Tracking for Google AdWords

Phone Tracking for Google AdWords

Google has released a beta version of a new feature within AdWords. Call Metrics is designed with the aim of allowing those advertisers running PPC with Google to track and measure the number of calls generated by their AdWords campaigns.

Trying to determine the true number of enquiries or conversions from a PPC campaign is always a challenge. Traditionally, advertisers need to ask very specific and probing questions, which can make the customer experience awkward. A phone lead may say they found the advertiser’s business online, but drilling down to where online can be frustrating for both questioner and questioned – especially if the lead doesn’t quite remember if they found the business through organic search, AdWords, AdSense, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

AdWords Call Metrics uses similar technology to Google Voice, wherein advertisers will be able to create a unique phone number for each of their AdWords Campaigns. Advertisers can place the phone number on their landing pages, and also append the phone number to their ads as a separate line of text below the main body.

Each time someonce calls the unique number from the PPC ad, it will automatically tracked by AdWords. Advertisers will be able to generate reports to view total calls generated and average call duration.

AdWords Call Metrics could be very valuable to service type businesses. A potential snag is the uncertainty of how many leads would simply call the number on the PPC ad without first clicking through into the website. If a lead did click through, then unless they were directed to a landing page specifically containing the unique Call Metrics phone number instead of the business’ normal phone number, then the data would be skewed. Even with a Call Metrics specific landing page, the lead could very well still call the regular business number after visiting other pages within the website.

AdWords Call Metrics is still in beta, so only avaliable to a select few in the US.

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