POP QUIZ: Which Facebook Brand are You?

POP QUIZ: Which Facebook Brand are You?

Having a website for your company is a standard business decision, and not far behind is the requirement for a social network presence.

While many companies have created a Facebook Page, they do so without a clear strategy and end up investing resources on a platform that doesn’t work towards any strong goals. If this has already got you thinking, “Is this me?”, then a) – it probably is you.. and b) take a walk though this short pop quiz to find out what kind of Facebook Brand you portray!

Which Facebook Fan Are You?

1. How do you start off the week on Facebook?

a) Happy Monday! Insert a picture of a cat (even though I’m an electrical appliances company, people love cats, AMIRIGHT?)
b) Welcome new fans, answer necessary out of hours wall posts and share any new FB only promotions for the week
c) Respond to all out of hours wall posts

2. A customer is unhappy and has written a negative comment on your wall, what do you do?

a) Reply insisting that it is not the fault or your product and/or service and ignore any future comunication from the user. If they insist, send them a picture of a cat
b) Scope out if it is from a genuine customer, apologise and rectify the situation by extending contact outside of Facebook
c) Delete it, no-one else needs to be reading that!

3. Isn’t the weather great? How do you share this with your fans?

a) Ask your fans to ‘like’ your status if they like todays weather (who cares if you’re a global brand?!)
b) Your brand offers seasonal products, so it makes sense to create a promotion or start a conversation about this topic
c)  You don’t – unless weather directly relates to your brand – you don’t bother

4. How do you generate interaction with your page?

a) Share interesting images about anything and prompt  your fans to ‘like’ or ‘share’ it.
b) You already have an engaging Facebook community page that is regularly maintained and continues to grow through sponsored ads and promoted posts.
c) Post something and hope for the best

5. What kind of content do you share with your page?

a) Anything I’ve seen on the Internet that I thought was humourous. If I find it funny, everyone else should too!
b) A mix of our own images, user generated content from our FB community and external links that relate to what our brand stands for
c)  Mostly status updates, automated posts from Twitter, shared posts and links.

 Pop Quiz Results

If you answered mostly ‘A’:

You are the Brand for Idiots!

Congratulations! While you may have burgeoning community of over 10, 000 fans, they only like you so they can share the cute and funny images you post with their friends. Just like the casual sales assistant that harangues you as soon as you walk into the shop (pretending that they care about you), your actions leave customers who can see through your pretentiousness rushing out “your doors” faster than you can ask them to ‘like‘ your cat pictures. You need to balance out your communication with some clear strategies with your social media team (who hopefully haven’t called themselves ‘gurus’..).



If you answered mostly ‘B’:

You are the Lightbulb Brand!

Just like your Facebook Community, you are switched on and have approached Facebook with clear strategies to build up your brand. Your followers don’t need to be prodded or poked to like you – because they’re already so happy with your service that they do so at every post. You understand that not everything goes perfect on social networks, so you have strategies in place for when things DO go pear shaped.




If you answered mostly ‘C’:

You are the Tortoise Brand!

You’re new to Facebook and have a small community of followers, mainly of family and friends and anyone else inquisitive enough to have found you somehow. You haven’t actively promoted your page through other channels, so you hope for the best and test out different Facebook tips that you have found online. Many of you don’t know where to start. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to set clear goals, strategies and tactics down and there are plenty of resources available that won’t break your budget (I recommend you start here: http://www.facebook.com/help/pages).



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