Dissolve Company Liquidators

The problem

Dissolve came to us after being burned by previous SEO agencies who were taking a monthly retainer, but failing to deliver consistent and strong results in terms of SEO. Dissolve presented a unique challenge to our team. When other SEO companies fail to produce results, it means the campaign calls for a more creative, interesting and unique approach.

Our journey with Dissolve began when their management team came to one of our workshops to learn more about SEO. We took on the challenge and since then, we’ve consistently delivered excellent results.

Where others had gone wrong

We became obsessed with discovering the reason behind Dissolve’s poor performance, when we analysed their SEO.

It appeared that Dissolve had previously been doing well, but their performance decreased rapidly, about two years before the commencement of their campaign with E-Web.

Our cutting edge tools enabled us to find and analyse historical data relating to Dissolve and several of their competitors.

We were surprised by what we discovered, since it defied ordinary SEO wisdom. When they went down, it wasn’t because they were doing something wrong (spam), but because Google had fundamentally changed the game in their niche. Interestingly, several of their major competitors were affected in the same way, but not all.

The solution

We analysed the competitors who were performing well and figured out what went wrong for Dissolve. The previous SEO company had not understood the changes Google made two years ago to their algorithms and the significance of those changes to this particular niche.

Google had modified their interpretation of the meaning of certain relevant queries, so Dissolve needed to adapt their SEO strategy.

Everything improved after we understood this. It was simply a matter of making a plan and executing it well.


Going forward with this understanding, E-Web worked closely with Dissolve to form a plan. We created new content and restructured the website, while also working on a few of their partner websites, to make sure there were no damaging flow-on effects, due to their similar content.


It wasn’t long before Dissolve reclaimed their reputation as a dominant brand in their niche, thanks to the work we did. Our renewed SEO campaign put Dissolve at the top of their game, ahead of most of the competition.

We learnt from studying the competitors and applying these lessons in a way that allowed us to perform even better than them.

This created an impressive surge in organically driven traffic going to the Dissolve website and restored a good flow of leads to the business. When it comes to organic performance, Dissolve remains in a leading position today.