Two Men and a Truck Case Study

Two Men and a Truck is a family-owned moving company that manages over 13,000 home and office relocations across Eastern Australia every year.

After working with us since 2016:

4.4 rating on Google reviews

up to 25% more conversions

revenue nearly doubled

The challenge:


Two Men and a Truck enlisted our services because they wanted to increase their growth with an online strategy that would put them on the same playing field as their key competitors.


Mainly, they wanted more leads. An obstacle to this was the high level of competition in the removalist industry, because there are so many companies in Australia.


They also wanted to boost their positive reviews even further (the smallest inconveniences tend to be highlighted in negative reviews for removalist companies).

Our approach:


We decided to deploy a multi-faceted strategy, driven by hard data and extensive research:


  1. Fixed the site architecture of the website
  2. Identified the best keywords to target and deployed SEO
  3. Improved site navigation to handle the new surge in traffic. The website was updated to cater to the user journey that we mapped out in the first 18 months.
  4. Quality link building
  5. Improved client reviews: listened to what people were saying and implemented solutions within the company. Two Men then asked clients for reviews based on the new process we implemented.
  6. PPC with Google Ads: ran a strategic campaign with more cost-effective clicks for different locations.

What was the outcome?


Here are the key changes that occurred:


  • Revenue nearly doubled
  • Higher traffic and leads
  • Conversions surged by 10 to 25%
  • Goal Conversion Rate increased by 170%
  • Goal Completion increased by 226%
  • Rank on Google Reviews jumped from 3 stars to 4.4 stars
  • Improved the cost-per-lead by 300%
  • Organic traffic surged by 67.75%



Working with E-web marketing, specifically Hasnain over the past few years has been great. They mainly manage our SEO and google Adwords that deliver increasing month on month returns, and often provide helpful advice on all things business. I believe the secret to their success is not only their expertise but in their efforts to educate clients to maximise overall business synergy. I would recommend them to anyone - Jake Piper, Sales and Marketing managers of Two Men and a Truck

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