Where Public Relations Meets SEO

Where Public Relations Meets SEO

More than ever before, journalists, potential clients, bloggers and industry influentials use search engines to find subject matter experts, media alerts, past media coverage, media opportunities and media statistics and trends. According to a recent survey, 91% of journalists, reporters and editors use search engines to do their jobs.

In the past, search engine optimisation efforts have been mostly employed by marketing departments. However, SEO offers public relations teams the opportunity to create real value in the form of increased brand visibility, media coverage and reputation management.

SEO expert Lee Odden believes that

“within the realm of Public Relations there are many types of content that get created and often promoted. Content that can be searched on cab be optimised, and that spells opportunity for extending the reach of PR and media relation efforts”.

Journalists and consumers alike are searching, so why not make the content published to the web as part of PR efforts easy to find via search?

Examples of PR content that can be optimised:

  • Press releases
  • Letters to the editor
  • Online newsrooms
  • Media kits
  • Corporate blogs
  • White paper
  • Webinars/demos
  • Newsletters
  • Real world interviews published digitally
  • Industry news and updates
  • Archive section-pass reports and press releases
  • Media alerts
  • Invitations

According to Lee Odden, the objective for PR professionals wanting to take advantage of SEO tactics should be

“to extend the reach and visibility of content via search is to take inventory of the content being published digitally, in all formats”.

Businesses should further incorporate keyword optimisation within content development and publishing. Creating and promoting online content is fast becoming an essential PR activity across all industries.

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