Quit Facebook Day

Quit Facebook Day

There has been a lot of fuss about the new privacy policies defaulted by the most visited site on the web.  And there have been a lot of mainstream media articles and blog posts.  Lots of users have been planning to leave because of this, and lots of people have left because of this.  One group have even organised a day to quit!

It has been confirmed that on the 31st of May over 30000 users left and deleted their accounts.  Although this is but a ripple in the Facebook ocean of founder Mark Zuckerberg’s 500 million minions, it sends a clear message that people aren’t happy.

The main reason for the disgruntled user base is largely due to a new privacy dashboard that resets all privacy settings.  Zuckerberg has said that any setting applied to Facebook accounts would also be applied retrospectively, and that any new features or elements added to the Facebook site would automatically default to that privacy setting.

Although indirectly, Zuckerberg is basically saying that we have no rights, and that anything they want to change and will change without either the knowledge or the approval of the users.  From a business perspective, this makes sense.  Microsoft installs updates every week on my computer and the changes that are made are both unknown to me, and could potentially threaten my security and personal information.

So if you think about this logically, if Zuckerberg hid these settings, and told no one that they were being implemented and classified as a policy update, these would potentially go unnoticed and unknown.

Also from a user’s perspective, this change has in a strange way turned out to be a positive.  It has made the security features known to most users, and through mainstream media many more users now know about the update and the security settings.

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