Returning Visitors – The Basis of Your Online Business Success

Returning Visitors – The Basis of Your Online Business Success

Returning visitors are the cornerstone of any successful online business.
However, the importance of these visitors is often overlooked and many online businesses may not be harnessing the full potential that these return clients can bring to their bottom line.

The first question any online business enthusiast should ask is “What can I do from preventing a visitor from coming to my website once and never returning? In business terms, this is a lost connection – and highlights the need for online businesses to refocus their attention on getting people to come back to their website.

These visitors who are happy with your product and service can go a long way in generating referrals for your business and of course spreading positive messages about the business you run. Further to this, these long standing relationships will actually form the basis of any successful online business’ profits and essentially become the reason for their continual existence.

So what type visitor do you look for, and what turns a one time visitor to your website into a long-standing returning customer?
Well depending on the purpose of your website – this visitor is someone who will sign up for an account, register to receive newsletters/updates, subscrive to an RSS feed and leave comments on blog posts.
These visitors are demonstrating commitment to your website, and will prove to be the most valuable for your business.

So how do you foster an “online relationship” and give visitors the incentive to return to your website?
Its important to ask yourself this question – how engaging is your website? What can you do the build a base of loyal traffickers?

For instance, if you have a website that sells womens clothing, then requesting visitors email address’ to let them know when the new winter range of coats from a particular designer will be available for sale on your website, is a way to provide incentive for a first time visitor to return.

This provides the opportunity to draw your visitors attention, and then create the possibility of having them sign up a user account to provide them with more great information (and reasons) to continually return to your website.
This will lead to your website being positioned in the mind of your visitors as one of authority and relevance. Once this happens, you will be able to gain your visitors trust – and this why they will keep coming back.

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