Robin Williams to the Rescue When Technology Fails

Robin Williams to the Rescue When Technology Fails

Actor-comedian, Robin Williams was in the audience recently at the annual TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment and Design) in which some of the worlds top thinkers come together for a brainstorm and large discussion about their associated fields.

Ironically, just as the MC was about to introduce Sergey Brin to talk about technology, their was a power failure resulting in technical issues.

Never to fear! Robin Williams was in the audience and decided to do some improvisation to help mellow the atmosphere of tension.

Robin Williams steps up from the audience to fill the dead air during an embarrassing, show-stopping technical glitch. He started acting as heckler that was giving a live news feed of the conference but could not understand a thing. A few seconds later, the crowd realised it was Williams. Encouraged by the reaction of the crowd, he continued treporting to some unseen BBC reporter from his seat.

The golden joke that made this blog worthy (in my opinion) was his comments on Google;

“He didn’t spare panelist Brin and Google, noting that if you walk into Google you see everyone in front of their computer sitting on exercise balls, “which I think is how they’re hatching new employees.”

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