Calculating ROI

Calculating ROI: Website Optimisation

There is value in optimizing your website. How much value? Depending on your desired outcomes, the Calculator is designed to estimate the return on investment. Plug in the numbers and see how it changes the present and future value of your business.

Current site Behavior

Total Average Monthly Site Visits

Average Monthly Success Events

Indentify specific targeted behaviour (lead conversion, sale conversion, etc.)

Success Event Conversion Rate

Shows success event conversion from total site visits

Enter Average Value of a Success Event Visit

Average value of lead/sales conversion

Potential Improvement

Increase Site Traffic by X%

Enter a value (percentege) of the potential increase in site traffic ( example 10%).

Increase Conversion by X%

Enter a value (percentege) of the potential increase in site conversion ( example 10%).

Estimated Cost to Improve Performance

Enter estimated costs to optimise indentified behaviours (eg., agency fees, marketing and/or operational costs)

Estimated Impact of Site Optimisation

Monthly     Annually

Current Value


Estimated Future Value


Incremental Value


Incremental Success Events