Sensis and Google Partner Up to Help You

Sensis and Google Partner Up to Help You

Sensis and Yellow provide millions of Australian businesses with a medium to promote their goods and services on the Internet. With the continual uptake of local based and personalised searches, as well as mobile device users seeking location specific data at an instant, it seems also natural for these two companies to join forces.

With this business advertising deal that has just been announced with Google and Sensis, it will allow the data from the Yellow listings to now be accessible on Google Maps.

What we have found recently with a lot of Google Maps Search results is that there appears to be quite a few “spammy” type listings, with businesses employing less than ethical means to flood those results. Seeing now that Yellow will be providing data, it should improve the trust-worthiness of the results. Businesses now that have duplicate listings, but with only one authentic location, might be able to be called out, as the Yellow data might show that another business already is claiming that location.

It would be great to see both Google and Sensis combat the abuse of the Maps service with this new data share agreement.

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