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    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website to rank highly in organic search engine queries so as to allow the business to obtain valuable leads or eCommerce conversions from relevant search traffic.


    These guys are doing great in SEO!
    And it leads to more business for them.

    SEO is about business outcomes

    It’s impossible to have a conversation about SEO that does not involve talking about keywords and search engine ranking of websites. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all of these things serve to produce business outcomes, rankings are a means to an end.


    It’s entirely possible to rank highly in Google for certain keywords and not make any money — so there is more to SEO than just ranking.


    When we talk with our clients, we focus on both search engine performance (ranking) and bottom-line business outcomes (leads or sales) — thus making our SEO more “holistic”.

    What is involved in SEO?

    There is no formal rulebook set by anyone that defines exactly what SEO involves. Google tightly guards the details of their organic algorithms but over time SEOs and other interested parties have deciphered much about how Google ranks websites — as such each SEO company formulates their own solutions which they offer to their clients.


    SEO is the most mature service that we offer at E-Web Marketing. We have been doing SEO for over 15 years and have evolved with the niche effectively making us one of the thought-leaders in this space in Australia.


    SEO itself is a complex process that involves many areas of work and different skillsets to do effectively. At E-Web Marketing, we pride ourselves on our SEO and have built an SEO offering that is “holistic”, catering both for search engines and user experience.

    The Four Areas of our SEO Offering

    SEO budgets with E-Web Marketing are flexible and give our clients access to an entire team of digital experts, each specialising in different areas. As the SEO campaign progresses, different skill sets become more important and relevant depending on the current needs of our clients. The four areas below are the “phases” of SEO that each of our clients goes through during the lifetime of their campaign. While they are intended to be done sequentially, good, flexible SEO requires a revolving focus around these various areas, building up your web asset over time with a solid foundation.


    Technical SEO

    Technical on-page SEO (we sometimes call this “accessibility” broadly speaking) is primarily concerned with making sure that your site is efficiently crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. This is a key area to be done properly as no amount of other SEO efforts matter if the technical side of the website is not properly taken care of.

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    Technical SEO is a broad area, but includes some of the following:

    • Robots.txt optimisation
    • Meta Robots optimisation
    • Sitemap optimisation
    • Canonicalization
    • Crawl Space / Cache shaping
    • Redirections (301 & 302)
    • Link Reclamation
    • HTTPS optimisation
    • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)
    • Rich Snippets

    Website Content Targeting

    Also called “site architecture”, “information architecture”, or “intent based targeting”, this phase is the process of deeply understanding the keywords that users in your target audience use to search for products, services and information relevant to your niche, then mapping and grouping these keywords by intent, and then mapping that into a site architecture which caters for the search intent of your audience.

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    The creation of and implementation of well-optimised site architecture is a complex and ongoing process which also includes some involvement on the client’s side to sharpen our understanding of their product space and implement new / consolidated pages on their website as required. Going from un-optimised to fully optimised can take weeks to months depending on the complexity of the website and on the distance between the current website and a well-optimised website.

    We work with you every step of the way to research, map out and implement your optimised site architecture. We also do all of the technical work required to complete the process (such as 301 redirections or the implementation of canonical links). We also monitor the results from Google as they understand your optimised website and adjust our SEO plans according feedback from how the site is ranking.

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is the process of creating free, helpful content for your target audience to consume. This content can be anything from informative, entertaining, or inspiring and the goal is to drive more brand awareness and lead users down the funnel towards conversion.

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    Content Marketing is a well-known area of modern digital marketing, but it has become somewhat of a buzzword. Good content marketing focuses on the user, understanding their persona, what kinds of information they require to make buying decisions, what their fears or pain-points are, and how to convince them that your product or service is important in a light, non sales-heavy manner.

    E-Web effectively integrates our team with yours, filling whatever gaps are needed to produce and effectively promote good content to your audience. All content marketing efforts are pursued with business goals and SEO in mind, focused on your bottom line. To read more about our content marketing service, go to this page



    Inbound linking is an important part of Google’s organic algorithm and also an area where many SEO companies do extremely poor quality or unethical work. E-Web Marketing has a white-hat approach which means our outreach techniques are carefully done in such a way that they conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines — meaning a dramatically lower risk of a website ever being penalised by Google while it’s on our watch.

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    In order to accelerate the results from the other areas of SEO, E-Web has outreach programs to expose your brand to more attention online by reaching out to relevant bloggers, thought-leaders and news agencies through press-releases and other strategies.


    As our outreach is “over the table”, we are happy to disclose any links or placements secured. All outreach involves third parties as we do not own the sites that link to our clients, and thus involves outsourcing costs and can be quite time-consuming.

    Our SEO workflow

    We’ve been figuring out how to improve the way we do SEO for years and we’ve settled on this effective workflow.




    For any successful marketing campaign it’s important to begin with the end in mind. What kind of growth are we trying to achieve? How much budget do we have to reach this growth? What business outcomes do we have in mind for the SEO campaign? We will work with you to set organic growth goals for your business by considering your growth targets, the wider environment you operate in, how strong your competitors are and other factors.




    Once goals are set we like to talk about how we can measure the growth using solid KPIs. We will then optimise against those KPIs and report on them in our monthly reporting process. KPIs for SEO can be things like organic visits to the site, organically driven engagement metrics (like time on site, number of pages visited), and organically driven conversions (leads or sales).



    Based on the goals and KPIs E-Web will come up with a unique and tailored SEO strategy for your business, revolving around our four major areas discussed above (Technical on-page SEO, Content Targeting, Content Marketing and Outreach) — this strategy is a practical plan to get you where you need to go, and it is made after analysing your niche and competitors. Our strategies are informed by a deep understanding of your niche, keyword intent, competitor strength, and other factors.



    We then execute the strategy we’ve come up with, most of the execution work we can do ourselves but certain areas (such as Content Targeting or Content Marketing) often involve some buy-in or engagement from your business.



    Even though we are confident in our SEO workflow, it’s always important to analyse the effects of SEO work done to ensure that the SEO program is bringing you the results that you want. Analysis of past work done allows us to take valuable feedback both from how Google is ranking your website and from you about the kinds of leads you’re getting as a result

    Monthly reporting for SEO

    Our SEO follows a monthly program. At the start of each month you will receive a report from us that contains the following details:

    Website Ranking Report

    This report pulled from our software gives you an idea about how your website is ranking. Keywords that we track are selected by us and agreed upon by you near the beginning of the SEO campaign. Ranking is taken in both desktop and mobile searches. Ranking is generally done as a generic Australian search, but in some cases with highly localised businesses we can tweak the reporting to do the search in a specific location as required.

    Website Performance Report

    We primarily use Google Analytics as web analytics platform. Using Google Analytics and other third party SEO tools we assemble a report every month about how your website is performing. This allows you to view month on month and year on year progress of your website, as well as understanding the return on investment for both your SEO and other digital marketing activities.

    SEO Activities Report (previous month)

    Every month we will report to you about the activities that we have done in the previous month for your SEO, raising any challenges or concerns with you and checking in about the progress of your SEO work.

    SEO Activities Plan (new month)

    Also every month in the report we will explain what our plan is for the next 30 days and run by you any questions or arrange any meetings or phone calls with you that are required. This allows frequent check in and alignment with your other marketing efforts.

    Real-time Dashboard

    Each of our clients can also receive a login to a real time dashboard that pulls out and aggregates data from Google Analytics and other sources to show them how their site is performing. This report is highly customisable and can be retrieved live at any time.

    Ongoing Consulting

    We keep in close contact with you to offer valuable consulting about how your results can be taken to the next level. On top of reporting on our activities and showing you valuable website data, we offer advice and knowledge that can help your company improve its SEO and web conversions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you formally associated with Google?

    We are a Google Partner for their Paid Ad Networks (our SEM offering), but this has nothing to do with SEO.


    No company’s SEO has any formal association with Google. However, we have had helpful contact with various Googlers over time, and we follow and have interacted with some of the top Google Webmaster Trends team members (who liaise loosely with the SEO community) such as Gary Illyes or John Mueller.

    Do you guarantee your SEO results?

    Ethically we are not able to guarantee SEO results, and Google’s own documentation confirms this by saying “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.”. However, we are confident in our processes and have delivered great results for a large number of clients over the years. We will also raise concerns with you if we feel something is amiss and we’d be unable to deliver you results before spending any money.


    When you are an SEO client of ours on a recurring basis we will take responsibility for your SEO results, reporting to you and being engaged as a virtual part of your team.

    Do you offer SEO packages?

    Our SEO pricing is usually customised to the needs of the business and the campaign. We don’t offer set priced packages per se but offer a “package” that is suited to your needs after we have understood them.

    Do you do once-off SEO projects?

    Yes, we do once-off SEO projects, but we generally charge more for one-off services due to the “tail” of once-off services (they often require follow-up down the line which can be time-consuming). Our pricing is designed to incentivise clients to do recurring (month on month) SEO programs where we can both deliver maximum value and be most accountable for your results over the long term.


    SEO is like going to the gym. It requires constant effort to build and maintain great results. There are circumstances in which a once-off project makes sense, but for most clients, it’s best to invest in the results on an ongoing basis (like many other forms of marketing).

    Do you do international SEO campaigns?

    Yes. We are also skilled in international SEO, including understanding the various schemes for internationally targeted websites (subfolders, subdomains, differing TLDs), their strengths and weaknesses, and how to implement rel=alternate hreflang tags. We also offer consulting for international SEO campaigns in regards to understanding your foreign / native audience(s), translating targeted content for them (we don’t do translation but have used external agencies to help in the past) and making your sales flow fit into their language / enquiry methods.

    How long does it take to see results?

    The length of time it takes to see results depends on a number of factors. For some of our clients they will begin to see results very quickly especially if there is some technical limitation on their website that is holding them back and can be resolved easily. For others, it may take some time to see results, depending on their niche, competitors, how Google interprets keywords and intent in their niche, the budget we have to work with, and so on.
    In a formal video from Google, they indicate it can take between 4-12 months for SEO to see results. For an average client of ours, you will begin to see results within 2-3 months of SEO, and these results will be maximised through the lifetime of the campaign.

    How does your pricing work?

    Broadly speaking E-Web works off an hourly rate. Your budget allows our guru team members to spend a certain amount of time optimising your campaign every month. Much of the SEO work is done in-house, but also involves external costs for tools and third party involvement for outreach and content marketing.


    Recurring SEO services are discounted by about ~35% — meaning you get ~35% more time output for your SEO spend when you sign on to a month on month service.
    Pricing for individual campaigns is customised depending on your goals, KPIs, the competitiveness of your niche, your other marketing budgets, and other factors. The exact price of SEO is not static and depends a lot on your business needs and circumstances.

    Do you have lock in contracts?

    We do not force our clients to take lock-in contracts. Our default option is no lock-in contract and a 30-day cancellation notice for recurring services.
    However, if you are willing to commit to a lock in contract for 6 or 12 months your hourly rate will be further discounted — resulting in more SEO activities and output. However we do not push this option on clients, it is completely your choice.

    How closely do you collaborate with clients?

    Our clients come in various sizes and flavours. Some clients prefer a very hands-on approach where the client is very actively involved in their digital marketing with frequent (sometimes weekly) communication and check-ins.. Others prefer a “just take care of it for me” hands-off approach. We are flexible to adjust our style to your business, personal and budget needs.
    Generally speaking, if you require a high amount of collaboration and more frequent meetings, then the pricing of the services may be higher.

    Do you do Black Hat SEO?

    No. Black Hat SEO refers to SEO done in a way that is in breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. E-Web Marketing does not do Black Hat SEO, we offer a strictly ethical and White-Hat approach.

    Do you do technical SEO?

    Yes. Technical SEO is one of our key areas and original strengths. Technical SEO is a large area and we cover it quite comprehensively. We keep up to date with the latest Google developments so we’re sharp and ready to help.

    Do you do local SEO?

    Yes. For businesses with localised offerings and presence, we do a number of local SEO activities to get them to rank both in the 3-cluster map in Search Pages and in the blue listings for both explicitly and implicitly local searches.


    Local SEO is an entire area on its own, and we’ve worked with many clients both for location sensitive and location insensitive SEO campaigns.

    Where is your team located?

    Our team of Digital Marketing Specialists works from Chatswood, Sydney. But since SEO involves many activities we also use various third party tools, contacts and companies during an SEO program that don’t all operate from our office. Your campaign manager and primary team members will all be local.

    How many keywords do you optimise for?

    As many as you need! Some of our biggest clients only need 6 keywords optimised for while some of our smaller ones need hundreds or thousands. The exact number of keywords that you need to target is not really meaningful, because keywords come at various difficulty and competition levels — so we don’t put a cap on the number of keywords we target.


    However, generally speaking if you need to target more keywords that are more difficult then it will take more budget to do so.

    How are you unique or different from other SEO companies?

    We love it when people ask this question! We’re unique for a number of reasons:


    1. Our team is strong in both technical and on-page SEO. Many SEO companies don’t even bother to do on-page SEO (accessibility and targeting) because it’s simply too much effort to do so, requires specialised technical skillsets and high amounts of collaboration with clients.
    2. Coupled with the on-page we’re still strong in and do good / ethical off-page SEO.
    3. Our SEO effort also involves a lot of work into content and the design / UX of the site, areas that many other SEO companies find too toilsome to enter. (General “Marketing” as well as SEO)
    4. We Talk Business. We have a team that does a great job at bridging the gap between Business and Digital Marketing. We are both digital natives and business natives. Several of our staff have their own side businesses in a variety of niches and so we understand business. Many digital marketing companies purely focus on marketing, and are not as strong as we are in business.
    5. We focus on education. We are willing to spend time educating our clients about digital marketing so they become informed consumers of our products. We prefer it when our clients understand the value of what we are offering by understanding digital marketing themselves. We also offer free mentoring programs to current clients of ours.


    And finally, we are deeply passionate about SEO and have been in the niche since the beginning, giving us a strong track record.

    Where is your team based?

    Our team of digital experts is based in Chatswood, Sydney (Australia). We service a number of clients in Sydney, as well as many other major Australian cities, and even international clients from the US and UK.


    Since the nature of our service is online, we are happy to service clients from anywhere in the world, so long as we speak your language!

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