How Long Does It Take to Start Seeing Ranking Results from SEO?

How Long Does It Take to Start Seeing Ranking Results from SEO?

Getting your site optimised for search engines can be a really exciting and promising development in your business marketing strategies. Unfortunately, it’s not something that shoots out results overnight, and it’s part of a much larger process involving many different avenues and parties. So the question is, how long can you realistically expect to wait before you start seeing something?

The Ranking Process

Before we run through time frames, I’m going to take you on a step by step journey through the search engine ranking process. After your initial SEO work is completed, the search engines need time to go to your site, identify the changes, feed them into their own system (called their ‘cache’), and then rank it accordingly alongside your competitors.

This is a process that can take four to sixteen weeks to be completed and show any tangible movement in your rankings. The outcome and time frame of this process is also affected by a number of other very significant factors regarding your site, such as domain age. If your site has been around for a very long time, it’s likely to see improvements far quicker than a brand new site.

The Long-Term Strategy of Trust

Search Engine Optimisation is constructed on the foundation of trust that you can build and maintain with the search engines. This is why older sites will see ranking improvements quicker – simply because they’ve been around longer, and this is good for trust. This is also why search engine optimisation is seen as a process of natural growth: with consistent updating, growing and linking, you are essentially placing together the building blocks of trust and relevance to the search engines.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ to this trust process. Like building trust with another person, you can’t exploit or take advantage of search engines to make them rank you faster. In fact, taking shortcuts can even be detrimental to this trust process, and such exploitative measures are called “black hat” techniques and can rule your site straight off a search engine’s books radar. There have even been reports of over optimisation penalties for techniques not considered official “black hat” techniques, such as keyword overstuffing.

So what CAN I do to help the process?

With your site’s Search Engine Optimisation in the capable hands of a programmer, it can be easy to fall into the trap of watching and waiting. But there are things that you can do on your end to help build upon your site for the purposes of search engine trust. This is where the term “content is king” comes in. A very effective way to help prove your relevancy is to frequently update your site content. This shows that it is regularly reviewed and kept up to date. This can be done either in the form of updating the site itself, or by blogging. Blogging is a great tool not to just to help you keep tabs on updating regularly, but also to build pages on your website too.

When adding content, don’t plan for a massive upload of content at one time. Stagger if you can, and always plan for a long-term management strategy of keeping content fresh, frequent and regularly updated. Don’t know what to write? Read about the top five blogging ideas to get you started, or speak to your Campaign Manager or one of our Online Business Strategists about enlisting the help of E-Web Marketing’s in-house copywriting services to help you boost your campaign.

Your Website

Every website is different, and no two Search Engine Optimisation strategies and tactics are the same. If you would like more information on the ranking process and time frames of your specific site and campaign, speak to your Campaign Manager or Programmer today.

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