Search Engine Optimisation1

Grow your business organically with our mature, holistic and white-hat SEO strategies.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website to rank highly in organic search engine queries so as to allow the business to obtain valuable leads or eCommerce conversions from relevant traffic.


SEO is a complex process that involves many areas of work and different skillsets to do effectively.


SEO is the most mature service that we offer at E-Web Marketing. We have been doing SEO for over 15 years and have evolved with the niche effectively making us one of the thought-leaders in this space in Australia. Over this time we have distilled much experience and depth in SEO research into the four pillars of SEO described below.

The Four Areas of our SEO Offering

SEO budgets with E-Web Marketing are flexible and give our clients access to an entire team of digital experts, each specialising in different areas. As the campaign progresses, different skillsets become more important and relevant depending on the current needs of our clients. The four areas below are the “phases” of SEO that each of our clients go through during the lifetime of their campaign. While they are intended to be done sequentially, good, flexible SEO requires a revolving focus around these various areas, building up your web asset over time with a solid foundation.

Technical SEO

Technical on-page SEO (we sometimes call this “accessibility” broadly speaking) is primarily concerned with making sure that your site is efficiently crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. This is a key area to be done properly as no amount of other SEO efforts matter if the technical side of the website is not properly taken care of.


Technical SEO is a broad area, but includes some of the following:


  • Robots.txt optimisation
  • Meta Robots optimisation
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Canonicalisation
  • Crawl Space / Cache shaping
  • Redirections (301 & 302)
  • Link Reclamation
  • HTTPS optimisation
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)
  • Rich Snippets
Intent-based SEO

Intent based on-page SEO (we sometimes call this “targeting”) is the process of deeply understanding the keywords that users in your target audience use to search for products, services and information relevant to your niche. These keywords are then mapped into a site architecture which caters for the search intent of your audience.


The creation of and implementation of well-optimised site architecture is a complex and ongoing process which also includes some involvement on the client’s side to sharpen our understanding of their product space and implement new / consolidated pages on their website as required.


We work with you every step of the way to research, map out and implement your optimised site architecture. We also do all of the technical work required to complete the process (such as 301 redirections or the implementation of canonical links). We also monitor the results from Google as they understand your optimised website and adjust our plans according feedback from how the site is ranking.

Content marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating free, helpful, informative (or entertaining or inspiring) content for your target audience that engages them, driving more brand awareness and leading users down the funnel towards conversion.


Content Marketing is a well-known area of modern digital marketing, but it has become somewhat of a buzzword. Good content marketing focuses on the user, understanding their persona, what kinds of information they require to make buying decisions, what their fears or pain-points are, and how to convince them that your product or service is important in a light, non sales-heavy manner.


E-Web effectively integrates our team with yours, filling whatever gaps are needed to produce and effectively promote good content to your audience. All content marketing efforts are pursued with business goals and SEO in mind, focused on your bottom line. To read more about our content marketing service, go to this page


Inbound linking is an important part of Google’s organic algorithm and also an area where many SEO companies do extremely poor quality or unethical work. E-Web Marketing has a white-hat approach which means our outreach techniques are carefully done in such a way that they conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines — meaning a dramatically lower risk of a website ever being penalised by Google while it’s on our watch.


In order to accelerate the results from the other areas of SEO, E-Web has outreach programs to expose your brand to more attention online by reaching out to relevant bloggers, thought-leaders and news agencies through press-releases and other strategies.


As our outreach is “over the table”, we are happy to disclose any links or placements secured. All outreach involves third parties as we do not own the sites that link to our clients, and thus involves outsourcing costs and can be quite time-consuming.

Holistic SEO consulting and implementation

With over 15 years of experience, E-Web Marketing’s SEO is one of our most mature and competitive services.


We use a combination of SEO strategies to bring our clients sustainable, long term, organic performance. All of our SEO work is strictly white-hat and conforms to Google’s strict guidelines and best-practice strategies.

Our SEO workflow

We’ve been figuring out how to improve the way we do SEO for years and we’ve settled on this effective workflow.



We work with you to set organic growth goals for your business by considering your growth targets, the wider environment you operate in, how strong your competitors are and other factors.


We come up with concrete ways to measure the goals we set in terms of revenue generated (eCommerce or similar) or leads generated, so that we can accurately measure the success of your campaigns.



We create a roadmap or SEO strategy and a practical plan to get you where you need to go, after analysing your niche. Our strategies are informed by a deep understanding of your sector, keyword intent, competitor strength, and other factors.


We personally implement all recommendations directly onto your website, as much as we can.

We may seek approval from you or ask for additional information, depending on the task at hand. We also optimise your on-page and off-page ourselves, as much as possible.



After SEO work is done, we carefully monitor your inbound traffic and results in search engines to ensure our approach has been productive for your brand. We report on analysis monthly and tie the results back to your original goals.