Site Errors Information Added to Google Webmaster Tools

Site Errors Information Added to Google Webmaster Tools

Google has today announced yet another update to its ever growing Webmaster Tools suite, which will now provide more detailed site error information for webmasters. This information is designed to help you diagnose different errors in your website and understand how to fix them. As written on Google’s official blog:

For example, if your site suffers from server connectivity problems, your server may simply be misconfigured; then again, it could also be completely unavailable!

As of  today, Webmaster Tools will display a breakdown of each error category into specific errors to provide a better analysis of your site and its overall health. As with many of the other graphs in the suite, the errors will show for data collected over the past 90 days. Another nice feature is that it will also display the failure rate of category-specific errors that have been affecting your site.

The errors that are monitored and reported are:

  • DNS
  • Server Connectivity
  • Robots.txt Fetch
Google Webmaster Tools Site Error Information

Google Webmaster Tools Site Error Information

Hovering your cursor over the legend will provide more information:

Information on each error with the new “Site Errors” breakdown

The usefulness of this tool will depend mostly on how well a website is maintained and monitored. The E-Web Marketing site, for example, showed no data in the graphs, a happy indication that no DNS, connectivity or robots.txt errors have occurred in the last 3 months. I’m glad all the work we put in to keeping our website healthy is paying off! 🙂

As always, if you haven’t checked it out yet be sure to head over to Webmaster Tools and see what’s been happening with your site – knowledge is power!

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