Smartphone Smackdown I: Best Of BlackBerry

Smartphone Smackdown I: Best Of BlackBerry

Based on user recommendations and editorial reviews across the web, we have identified the 2 most popular BlackBerry phones on the market today: the Bold 9700 and the Storm 2 (aka the Storm 9520). Together they are the flagship phones of RIM – but which one should you pilot?

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Blackberry Bold 9700

The Bold is all about communication, connectivity and a corporate focus. Designed with functionality firmly in mind, this is the smartphone for people who need to get things done.

The keyboard is hardware not touch-screen, making it easier to type messages.

Powered by a very speedy 624 MHz processor, the Bold allows you to multitask efficiently.

Allows access to ten email accounts without the need to sign into each one.

Can handle multiple applications with the aid of its 128MB of Flash memory and 1GB of built-in memory.

Tools for handling and editing documents.

Access to the 3G network and WiFi make browsing the Internet fast and simple.

USB socket allows for synchronisation with your computer.

Beyond that, the Bold can be synchronised with your company’s web server, and with other BlackBerry phones used by your colleagues.

Battery life is relatively decent compared to touch-screen phones like the iPhone, which are notorious for their power-draining large screens.

The screen has fantastically sharp 480×320 resolution.

Servicable camera, video and music playing capabilities.

 Verdict: The perfect phone for busy business-minded people. If your day is defined by your email accounts, calander appointments and task deadlines, then the Bold 9700 is for you.

BlackBerry Storm 2 (9520)

The Storm is RIM’s effort to break into the popularity of touchscreen smartphones, separating it from every other BlackBerry model. Essentially, it seeks to combine the social and audiovisual appeal of the iPhone with the functionality traditionally associated with the BlackBerry brand.

Large touch-screen is a visual delight, but a hassle to type on compared to hardware keyboards.

However, the screen does have intuitive ‘click’ touch, so it’s an improvement on some other touchscreens.

Battery life is still an issue, expect to need to recharge at the end of each day.

3G and WiFi enabled, though the built-in web browser is slower than the iPhone’s.

256MB Flash memory and 2GB of onboard media memory, double that of the BlackBerry Bold, so great for running multiple rich media applications such as movies and games.

Speedy and accurate screen rotation.

Impressive range of compatible applications both fun and useful, accessible at BlackBerry App World.

Social connectivity is simple with online chat features and streamlined Facebook usability.

 Verdict:  RIM’s attempt to mix the best of both worlds has resulted in both hits and misses. The Storm 2 is fun and pretty, but it sacrifices too much functionality for too little sociability. The Bold is the superior BlackBerry, and as for touchscreen phones, there are better options out there.


In the next instalment of Smartphone Smackdown, we look at the best of the brand that is virtually synonymous with touchscreen, the Apple iPhone.

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