So You Think You Can Smlog?

So You Think You Can Smlog?

Earlier this week I was provided with the opportunity to learn from one of the leading professionals in the field of Social Media Marketing, Dan Zarrella – author of the book “The Social Media Marketing Book” – through a webinar session. When great opportunities like this come by you need to jump on it, and that I did, registering for the event in the blink of an eye. Unbeknownst to me the webinar was set for 2pm ET, and the ET stood for Eastern Time – IN THE UNITED STATES!

However, this was no deterrent for me and I am here to present to you some information that I gathered this morning, bright and early 6am AEST:


Must Do’s 

1. Get Noticed! – There are many ways to get noticed and many of them work. However one way of getting noticed is to comment and provide feedback on other users. Once you are known for having your unique style and comments, you can start to…

2. SMLOG! – Social Media Blogging! Audiences appreciate uniqueness and that is why we follow others, because we do not have the quality that they have and you want. It is also probably because of the 95% or 5% rule.

3. Be An Expert – It is important to know what you are writing about. Data collected has shown that officials, experts and professionals are the ones that are followed the most, but once you lose that title, or show in your posts that YOU ARE NO LONGER AN EXPERT, who is going to listen to you?

4. Know your audience! – Who are you going to be smlogging to? Men? Women? Are they interested in your topics? In general, people do not read something that they do not find interesting, or do not feel has any relevance to them? Would you going to read something that is not interesting to you? That you find no relevancy in? When was the last time you sent a link to a friend knowing it would not interest them?

5. LOVO – Avoid being a lovo! Include the audience and that means talk about them, and what they are interested in. Studies have shown that a majority of people tune out when all they hear is you talking about yourself.

6. 2 + 4 = 6 – be unique and know your audience. Smlog AS yourself on RELEVANT topics the AUDIENCE want to hear about. Put your own spin on things and your followers will amass.


So why do people smlog anyway? It could just be a way of getting their view across, with the hope that someone will read it. How often do you want to post? There is research data concerning this as well, including when to post in order to get the best feedback! If you want to feel good and have people comment on your posts then that is information you want to get your hands on!


On the other hand, if you smlog because you want it to help the SEO of your website, then smlogging and using Social Media Marketing is definitely a fuel for adding success. Be the expert in your particular industry and create some chatter around what you know, relevant ground breaking news, as well as your view, insight and analysis – your followers will be begging for more!



Do you have a personal blog and how did you start it? Do you have followers from all over the world or are they more local and friends? What are your blogs about? Give us a sneak peak and what you have and we can also share it for you!

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