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In a world that revolves around likes and followers, we all struggle to get them. While some get the strategy right, the content isn’t exactly what the audience would engage with. Others may nail the content, but miss the mark on timing – leaving the audience feeling as though they’re posting too little or too much.

We specialise in getting the balance just right.


Take Bayswater, for example. This car hire company struggled to get their audience engaged with their posts. Their response rate was extremely low and the content wasn’t engaging enough. This is where E-Web Marketing stepped in, by applying the following strategies:

Likes and followers

We’re posting engaging content on a regular basis, which is attracting new likes and followers every week.


We’ve run a few successful contests for Bayswater, including one which attracted more than 100 people, who posted pictures of themselves with a Bayswater Car Rental vehicle. Running contests leads to more likes, comments and shares - it’s an effective way to increase engagement to your page. The easier the contest, the more people tend to participate in it!

Responding to messages

You can find us online on Facebook from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. We make it a point to respond to every message as soon as possible.

The results

The total number of likes on our page is currently 5,238 and we get approximately 2K likes for Bayswater Car Rental posts.


There’s also a surge in the number of bookings that come through Bayswater Car Rental’s Facebook page

Every week, on average:

  1. We boost likes by at least 44%
  2. Our response rate to messages is 100%
  3. User engagement to posts rises by 27%

These results don’t show up overnight, but we’re patient – determination, continuity and quality customer service are some of the ingredients that go into running a thriving social media campaign.