Social Media – Are You The 95% or 5%?

Social Media – Are You The 95% or 5%?

What is it?

Previous studies have shown that about 95% of people are like sheep – that is, 95% of people will follow the minority of 5% without even knowing it. But even without these statistics, most of us already know that this probably holds true. Fashion is just a real life example of how we can see this statistic as true (How many designers are there in this world? Compared to how many people who follow and/or wear what they design? Enough said.)

This phenomenon is not just limited to the clothing industry though – it can be applied to a business environment and it is important that we look at this, or what we would term as ‘trends’.

What is the current business trend you may ask? You are probably already part of this trend in your own personal life, or at least part of ONE trend. This trend is Social Media Marketing. Will your business be branded as the sheep or the shepherd?

Which one are you?

Depending on how innovative you are and what other external influences impact you, you could either be the sheep or the shepherd. All you need to do is choose the right Social Media Platform for your business, and away you go!

The most popular platforms are:

1.       Facebook – more suitable for consumer targeted businesses;

2.       LinkedIn – suitable for the suited and corporate world;

3.       Twitter – Tech-savvy, young, on the go

There are many others such as Digg & Delicious, but we won’t go into them as it could take days! No matter what your target market is, there will no doubt be a suitable social media platform for you. The only question left is whether or not your competitors are already in the loop – will you be the trend setter in your circle? or just another follower?

Now that you’re in!

Like any form of fashion or trends there will be people who notice you, or people who point you out to others. Your website can develop the same status simply by receiving links and traffic. Primary links are the people who directly refer to you for their fashion tips. You may or may not know about it, but they are indeed linking to you and giving you credit for how they dress. Then there are secondary links. These are the people who may not be following your trends, but are still referring others to you who might be interested.

Now apply the above to your business – the more people you have referring to your site for their required products or services, the more authority you will develop. Even if consumers do not require what you supply, they can refer others who may need what you have.

These links, traffic and referrals help build trust in you, your fashion sense, and business. It is a great way to develop better search engine rankings (yes, Google is one search engine that has started to crawl social media pages for relevancy).

Using social media is a simple application of the 5-95% rule – be in the top 5% of your business market and use the other 95% to drive success.


Have you been in the top 5% of businesses? If so, tell us about it! What market are you in? What Social Media Platform did you use?

If you want to learn more about Social Media, E-Web Marketing can show you exactly what you need to drive more traffic and leads to your website.  Your consumers are your clients – and at E-Web Marketing your clients are effectively who we want to be looking after.

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