Social Media Management

How to get more engagement on your Social Media Page

At E-Web Marketing, we make it our priority to attract the highest number of engaged followers to your social media page.

Time it right

We carefully study your audience, to find out when they’re most active on social media. We then strategically post content to match those peak times.

Respond to messages and comments

We take some of the pressure off you by replying to your customers. This includes thanking those who post complimentary comments and politely responding to anyone who isn’t completely satisfied. We guarantee a 100 per cent response rate.


Running a contest is a great way to keep your audience engaged and attract more followers and likes.


We run these for you, after discussing the terms and conditions.

Why choose us?

It’s always exciting to see new likes on your facebook page, but we believe that user engagement is even more important. Our goal is to give you the best of both worlds: increased likes for your page, as well as optimal user engagement to the content you post.


Ultimately we strive for quality over quantity. A few engaged followers is better than having 2000 unengaged followers.

High quality images

Our high quality images are carefully selected, and they don’t distort or pixilate. We love to use creative pictures that create a sense of positivity, when the context permits.

Promoting on other channels

We adopt a cross-platform approach, by promoting your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts on other social media channels. This guarantees that more people become familiar with your brand.

Holiday based promotions

Everybody loves a holiday and we love wishing your followers the best on every major holiday that happens in Australia. It’s a great idea to offer special discounts on holidays, as we find this boosts engagement and gets more people interested in your brand.

Sense of urgency and call to action

We always let the audience know what the last day of a promotion is, when offering discounts or contests. This creates a sense of urgency, which encourages people to click on the link. It’s also really important to nominate an action that your audience can follow through.