Sony's Google TV Launched in the US

Sony's Google TV Launched in the US

After a long wait and many hours dedicated to researching and blogging, Google TV is here!
Sony has launched four new TVs that incorporate a Google TV box. The models are more or less the same, with the only major variations being screen size and price.

  • 24-inch $599.99 USD
  • 32-inch $799.99 USD
  • 40-inch $999.99 USD
  • 46-incch $1399.99 USD

Although the dollar is almost par for par, I would assume a slight price hike for the eventual Australian sales – which is a pity as $1399.99 is such a nice round figure.

All models include 4 HDMI inputs and 4 USB inputs, built in WIFI and a keypad with an optical mouse. No more massive keyboards for the media centre – YAY!!

Yet another bonus – if you own an Android phone (unfortunately I don’t, sadface) you will soon be able to have full control of their brand spanking new TV. The software integrating Android with Google TV is due to be released later this year.

The Sony Google TV come preloaded with a bunch of programs and features:

  • Blue Ray player
  • Sony’s on demand service
  • CNBC
  • Napster
  • NBA
  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

It has yet to be confirmed whether each feature/service will be available in Australia, but looking back on media releases I have no reason to believe otherwise.

A bug that may be addressed through a later software update is the UI scaling. The same program has been used across the TV sizes, with the result that the search bar is massive on the larger TVs and tiny on the smaller sizes. But resolution scaling between internet content and regular TV is reported to be very smooth and well coded.

The stats are as follows (these are more or less the same for all the models – obviously excluding the screen size):

  • 46-inch Full HD 1080p display with Edge LED backlight
  • Google TV built-in
  • Seamlessly search across your television and Internet for content
  • Surf the web while watching TV using Dual View
  • Upgradeable Google TV platform
  • Download apps from Android Market (*coming in early 2011)
  • Superior processing power with Intel Inside
  • Easy-to-use RF QWERTY keypad remote with integrated optical mouse
  • Link to select mobile phones (coming this fall)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Four HDMI inputs and four USB inputs

It all sounds like a nice amalgamation of uber-geeky awesome and user-friendly fun – can’t wait for the Oz release!

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