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It may come as no surprise that some links cost more than others. This is because the higher the authority of a webpage; the more effective a link becomes and ergo more expensive. There are no real metrics for determining the authority of a webpage (Many use PageRank) as the sole determiner of a page's authority but this is not an accurate measurement. Many site's that...

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The importance of link building in SEO cannot be ignored. As with many things in life, what you have to work the hardest for will more often than not have the biggest value and return. Having said this, I am going to talk about the need to think outside the box when working your link building strategy. Why do we need to think and strategise for...

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It’s common knowledge that link building plays an important role in succeeding in Search Engine Marketing. The active word in the term is ‘building’ so we know that it’s an ongoing process that needs a concerted effort overtime. This article summarises 10 ways in which you can capatilise on a powerful resource you have at your fingertips, your employees. There are many reasons to invest...

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