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I just came across this nifty infographic by, Amazing Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds on the Internet. Looking at these numbers, there's no doubt the online world is a big place, and getting bigger every day. If you have a business that you're marketing on the Internet (and I'm going to assume you probably do, or you wouldn't be reading this blog post), here...

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In an effort in increases the connect ability of contacts in Outlook, Microsoft has declared that they are going to have integration of LinkedIn (a social networking system aimed at professionals) built into Outlook 2010. This new feature will allow people to track the activites of their LinkedIn connections, email them, expand the list through invitations and examining their LinkedIn status. LinkedIn has a subscriber base of...

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As reported on InformationWeek, the worldwide social network for professionals, LinkedIn has on Monday launched a mobile-ready version of its website for use by its member base of more than 19 million. The release is in Beta and allows members with a web-enabled mobile device to perform the sites common functions which include searching profiles with photos and bios, making introductions, inviting others to join...

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InfoWorld reported on Monday that social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn, has announced that it will open its doors for developers to build applications for the site to help make it more interactive. Along with this update they have also released a beta version of a redesigned home page, as well as signing a deal with BusinessWeek magazine to provide a content feed that will show news stories on LinkedIn users’ profiles that are related to their companies, as well as highlight other stories their colleagues are reading

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