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Microsoft, two months since their initial bid for Yahoo! are still sitting quietly. Much speculation as to whether or not they would increase their bid has taken place, yet no actions have been set yet.

Microsoft’s team of strategists believe that time is helping them, as they argue that the recent Yahoo! roadshow failed to dazzle investors and nothing displayed would justify an increased price.

According to a recent US study by CoreBrand, Microsoft's brand power has significantly declined over the past 4 years. An indication that the IT giant is losing credibility  and mindshare with some of America's largest business users. CoreBrand polled an estimated 12,000 US business decision makers on core brands in their associated fields. Microsoft of which dropped from 12th in the annual list in 2004 to...

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Yahoo have spoken out regarding the takeover and the development of their company. The prime points covered are that; they are sticking by their growth forecasts despite the slowing economy and that they DO NOT require Microsoft to help them at all. Jerry Yang stated: "Yahoo is positioned for accelerated financial growth—we have a powerful consumer brand, a huge global audience and a highly profitable operating model" Do...

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RAPT is a program used by many top web publishers to manage ad-inventory sales, and has recently been acquired by Microsoft.

Similar to Google, it appears to be a cold war race for web acquisitions at the moment between Microsoft and Google. Both companies have bought over 15 companies in the past 12 months, all predominantly web based.

Analysts state that Microsoft have a 99% chance that they will succeed in the acquisition / merger with Yahoo! a panel of Analysts have said. The stand off has lasted 6 weeks since the world's largest software maker went public about its proposal to purchase Yahoo! The pioneering search company originally rejected Microsoft's offer, which was valued at $41.4 Billion, due to 'substantially undervalueing' the company....

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Yahoo! are scrambling to avoid defeat while battling Microsoft for the hostile company takeover. As reported recently here on the E-Web Marketing Blog, Yahoo! was valued at $41.2 Billion dollars by Microsoft, and both sides are preparing for a takeover fight by starting a proxy contest next week. Yahoo have managed to further delay the move by extending the deadline for which they nominate the directors of...

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Steve Ballmer of Microsoft has pledged that the company would gain market share against Google in the online advertising and Search Marketing arena, even it it was the last breath the company would take. Steve used the talk to also justify and reiterate why it is they want to purchase Yahoo! inc for its $41.2 Billion price tag, saying that the deal would accelerate its new...

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European antitrust regulators have fined Microsoft $1.3 Billion for not complying with a 2004 judgement regarding Microsoft abusing its market dominance. The fine is the largest in history ever dealt by the EU commission, and makes the total value of fines imposed on Microsoft total $2.5 Billion dollars in todays current values. This news got me thinking, are Microsoft still considered Evil? Why did they get accused...

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